Yes, you can!

By Rev. Dr. Walt Sharer



Alberta Newspaper Group


We can all marvel at the advancements of technology, science and medicine, yet religion seems to be stuck in ancient and impractical applications to our daily lives. We can salute the pioneers and innovators of the past. We can even praise and honor their contributions to our understanding by applying their discovery and adding to it. From Hammurabi to Moses traditional religion is always focused on what you cannot do. Hammurabi had over six hundred laws about what you should not do. The ten commandments had ten. Too much of our life has been being told what we shouldn’t do. Thank God not everyone succumbs to the I can’t mantra. Throughout the pages of history, every generation has had sages, innovators, and those willing and able to push the known limits. Many of them have been criticized and dishonored by mainstream religion. Some have been executed for their vision of a better world. As a child I had two stories that I loved to hear over and over. Both of these stories had a similar theme. The Little Train that Could and The Little Tub Boat, both tell a tale of how they overcame doubt and abject skepticism by the establishment. Everyone told them what they couldn’t do, but when the chips were down, they did it anyway. When the little train had to perform the seeming impossible task, he said to himself, “I think I can, I think I can.” Later he could say, I did.” Saying I can’t is the same as saying I won’t. Two bicycle mechanics didn’t say I can’t. All the conveniences we enjoy came about because somebody said I can. I’ve known people that have had a bad experience in a relationship, and say they will never love again or make a commitment. They are depriving themselves of love and happiness. Rather than learning from their own mistakes, they refuse to consider a new and improved possibility. When some of the people came to Jesus, he said, “Why call me good, it is the Father within me that does the work.” Jesus was only about two thousand years ahead of his time. In today’s language, he thought outside of the box. It may not seem like it now, but the teachings of Jesus were radical to the established religion of the day. He didn’t condemn or judge, he loved and shared that love. What is it that you think you cannot do? What limits have you placed on yourself? When we needed to travel, someone thought of the car and when we needed to fly there was the airplane. If you have a challenge, know there is an answer and solution and you can do it. Say to yourself, “I can do all things through the Christ idea that strengthens me. I can and I will be willing to do what it takes for my fulfillment. Can’t is no longer in my vocabulary. I can think I can until I can say I did. My actions are not predicated on what I can’t do, but that which I can. “ God is Love and Loving You Right Now! (The Rev. Dr. Walt Sharer is minister at Bishop Church of Religious Science, located at 129 E. Line St., Bishop. Rev. Freda Lindsay and Rev. Walt officiate the weekly, Sunday services at 10 a.m. You can hear Rev. Walt’s message on “The Devotional Hour” on Sierra Wave KSRW 92.5 FM Sunday mornings at 8:30 a.m. The church can be reached at (760) 873-4195 for more information.)